FortisBC asks British Columbia to keep conserving natural gas

Updated 9 a.m. Monday, Nov. 5, 2018

FortisBC continues to ask customers around the province to curtail non-essential use of natural gas following a pipeline incident in Northern BC.

Learn about BC’s natural gas supply

At UBC Okanagan, we are fortunate that much of our building space is heated by our innovative geo-exchange district energy system, using energy from groundwater from below campus. We do rely on natural gas to supplement building heating and domestic hot water production – and of course, natural gas is vital to many of our research facilities.

Until the provincial natural gas supply is fully restored, we can do our part by:

• Limiting natural gas use to essential functions in research
• Not running the hot water faucets any longer than necessary
• Reducing thermostat settings and keeping windows and doors closed to keep in the heat and keep cold out

When new information is available from FortisBC, we will update the information posted here.

Thank you for your cooperation in conserving energy.

Shelley Kayfish
Director, Campus Operations and Risk Management